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Heritage Sites

Ammunition Hill

During their Mandate (1917-1948) the British built the police academy on the slopes of the hill and chose to situate the ammunition bunker on the hill itself, hence the name of the place. On the War of Independence (30th November 1947 – 20th July 1949) the hill was conquered by the Jordanians and became a military post, fortified with trenches and bunkers, next to the City Line. In the Six Day War the hill was conquered by the paratroopers following a bloody battle. The victory led to the opening of the road to Mount Scopus and the Old City. Today the Ammunition Hill is a heritage, educational and commemoration site, marking the liberation and unification of Jerusalem in the Six Day War. 182 soldiers of the Jerusalem, Armored Harel and Paratrooper Divisions and of the Air Force fell in the battle.

What’s at the site: a new audiovisual display, with a model of Jerusalem on the eve of the Six Day War, about “The City Line and the Battle of Jerusalem”,  a museum featuring a display on the battle for the unification of Jerusalem in the Six Day War and commemorating the 182 fallen in the battle; the film “Six Day Jerusalem”; a memorial for the fallen of the 66th Paratrooper Battalion (who fought on and around the Ammunition Hill); “Honour and Respect to the Jewish Warrior”- an educational and instructional center commemorating the deeds of Jewish soldiers in armies worldwide; a wall of honour for the participants on the battles.

For the general public: guided tours or the general public are held by advance coordination, as well as free visits.

For children: school and community center events (ceremonies), Bar-Mitzvah celebrations.

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    Ammunition Hill

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    Ammunition Hill

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