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The many achievements of the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel can be seen throughout the country, and for that thanks are due to the founders, the partners along the way, and to the conservation trustees. In order to further enrich the country with educational visitor centers, the Council is working on the searching and planning of structures worthy of conservation, especially those which are at risk of collapsing.

In the last few years a great effort was invested in many projects. A few examples are the planning of the Museum of Comradeship at Metzudat Koach which is being built these days in the upper galilee; the continued development of Old Gesher Site at Naharayim; the Ayalon Museum at Givat Hakibutzim in Rehovot; the locating of a (model) Ma’apilim ship and transferring it to the Ma’apilim camp at Atlit, as well as additional development of this site; the memorial museum for the women fighters in old Nitzanim which was built as part of the restored ‘palace’; and facing east – the Yellin house at Motza, which sets an example of unique conservation and a fascinating visitor center.

All these constitute as tools for the development of special educational programs for children and teenagers, and any funding available will help the Society realize this vision. As an independent public association, the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel funds its activities partly from government budgets, but there is great importance for collaborations with community oriented businesses and companies, as well as donations from funds or private parties. 

In order to continue working for the preservation of heritage sites and promoting educational programs for a diverse audience both from Israel and abroad, we will be happy to receive your donation and to direct it to the project you wish to promote.

How can you donate?
» Join the hundreds of members of The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel 
» A secure donation on-line
» Donation by phone through our service center at 03-5059197
» By addressing the resource development department of The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel –

   » Through the  
* The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel is a registered association with income tax approval for donation according to chapter 46 of the income tax law. Any donation will be accompanied with a receipt according to law.

With thanks,
Noa Gefen, Executive Vice Chairman.

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