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“Alone on the Walls”

The fall of the Jewish Quarter into the hands of the Jordanians at the War of Independence interrupted the continuity of Jewish settlement in the Old City. Following the city’s unification at the Six Day War development works were commenced to restore the Jewish Quarter, which has become an attractive tourist destination with many historic and archaeological sites. The Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem operates several site, including: “Alone on the Walls”, telling of the last days and surrender of the Jewish Quarter in the War of Independence; “The Burnt House” museum – the Kathros House which conveys the story of the Kathros family of priests at the time of the Second Temple in Jerusalem; the Herodian Quarter – the Wohl Archaeological Museum in which the houses of the rich priests were found along with rich findings telling of lifestyle of Jerusalem’s nobles on the eve of the destruction of the Second Temple; the “Hurva” (Ruin) synagogue.

What’s at the site: “Alone on the Walls” is an exciting exhibition of photos about the last days and surrender of the Jewish Quarter in the War of Independence. The exhibition features photos which testify to the heroic battle, the surrender and the fall of the Quarter’s fighters into Jordanian captivity; the exhibition incorporates the film “Alone on the Walls”, revealing personal testimonies of warriors who defended the Jewish Quarter and describes the drama and tragedy of the Quarter’s inhabitants and defenders, as well as hard criticism of the leadership of the Yishuv (Jewish population) and the army to be at the first days following the establishment of the State of Israel.

For the general public: visits to the site are without guidance, but guidance for all sites can be coordinated in advance.

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    “Alone on the Walls”

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    “Alone on the Walls”

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