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Heritage Sites

Beit Hativat Givati (Givati Division House) Museum

The Givati Museum is located at the Metzudat Yoav Shenkar (Yoav Shenkar Fortress), which had previously been the Iraq-Suidan police station. It serves as a heritage center for the Givati Division as well as a historic landmark of the fortress building, which was known as “The Monster on the Hill” by our forces at the southern front in the War of Independence. The museum is aimed at presenting the cooperation between the IDF and regional defence. The Givati Division was one of the first six field divisions established by the IDF in the War of Independence, and constitutes a major chapter in the history of the resurrection of the State of Israel. What’s at the site: the museum describes the history of the Givati Division since the War of Independence and its part in the battles of the southern front. The new wing features an interactive display about the division’s training course and the practice undergone by new recruits today and a presentation of its combat heritage stories, a commemoration center for the fallen Givati soldiers, a display of weapons from 1948, and educational center, auditorium and an observation tower on top of the fortress.

For the general public: guided tours of the museum by soldiers serving at the site. The duration of the visit is approx. 1.5 hours.

For children: assignment sheets and guiding aids.

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    Givati Division House Museum

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      Friday and Saturday for groups, by advance booking

    Beit Hativat Givati (Givati Division House) Museum

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