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Heritage Sites

Ben-Gurion’s Hut – Sde Boker

In 1953 David Ben-Gurion resigned his office as Prime Minister and retired to a hut built especially for him at kibbutz Sde-Boker in the Negev, in order to set a personal example for the settlement and nourishment of the Negev. The hut has been preserved just the way it was when Paula and David Ben-Gurion lived there.  A display has been set up at the adjacent barracks, describing Ben-Gurion’s special connection to the Negev and lighting the figure of a leader who lived up to his principles.

What’s at the site: Paula and David Ben-Gurion’s residential hut, preserved as it was at Ben-Gurion’s death in 1973. At the adjacent barracks, which were used for the accommodation of Ben-Gurion’s bodyguards, is a three part exhibition: the main biographic wall depicts the course of Ben-Gurion’s life. The second part spreads along the walking path and describes Ben-Gurion’s relation to the Negev and his recognition of the economic and settlement potential concealed in the Negev. The third part examines what has been done in the Negev in the light of Ben-Gurion’s vision. All along the exhibition there is a display of Ben-Gurion’s documents, letters and personal items, as well as video screening stations and a computer post for the use of the visitors.
A new animation display on Ben-Gurion’s life and his attitude to the Negev is displayed and accompanied by explanations.

For the general public: pre-arranged guided tours. Guided tours with an actor are available for groups. 

For children: activities for children from the age of five through pictures, crosswords and riddles; matching games using ropes and planning the development of the Negev on sand tables and embossed maps.

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