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Circassian Heritage Center – Kfar Kama

The origins of the Circassians can be traced in the mountains of the north-western Caucasus, where they have lived for thousands of years. In the 19th century the Caucasus was occupied by the Russian Empire, more than one million Circassians were murdered and the greater part of that people were deported from their homeland. The neighbouring Ottoman Empire absorbed the Circassian refugees and encouraged them to settle in parts of its territory, including Land of Israel. In the second half of the 19th century the Circassians established three settlements in the Land of Israel, two of which still exist in the Galilee: Kfar Kama, with a population of approx. 3000, and Rihanya, with around 1000 inhabitants. 

What’s at the site: the Circassian Museum is located in a 130 year-old authentic building in Kfar Kama. Most of the components of the Circassian house have been preserved and are now used for illustration: a presentation which reveals an ancient and special culture: a display of ancient artefacts of Circassian culture, some of which are very rare and has its origin in the Caucasus mountains, costumes of Circassian warriors and work tools used by the first settlers.

For the general public: guided tours of the museum combined with a tour of the village’s old nucleus in horse driven carriage; a walking tour of the village’s narrow alleys accompanied with stories about the settlement and Circassian heritage; watching the local dance group performing stirring folklore dances.

For children: “treasure hunt” games.

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    Circassian Heritage Center – Kfar Kama

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      Hebrew, English, Arabic, Circassian
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    Circassian Heritage Center – Kfar Kama

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