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Collection Houses Museum of the History of the IDF

The museum lays between the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood and the sea, at the site the historic Jaffa railway station, which operated since 1892 until the War of Independence. The museum is a unique site, which is full of experiences and tells the story of the military history of the State of Israel, since the period of the struggle for the mere establishment of the state to this day.

What’s at the site: a collection of rare size and quality of original exhibits from the first slicks (hiding places for weapons) to the IDF’s most advanced weapons. The museum display is an experiential one and allows for a direct between the visitors and the constitutive events in the state’s history. In addition there are remains of buildings and facilities from the Jaffa historic railway station at the site.

For the general public: guided tours leading the visitors through a time journey through personal stories of warriors since the time of the British Mandate to this day.

For children: experiential guidance including short films and assignment sheets for all ages.

The museum belongs to Museums Unit of the Ministry of Defence.

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    Collection Houses Museum of the History of the IDF

    Collection Houses Museum of the History of the IDF

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    • מוזיאון בתי האוסף לתולדות צה"ל, פרופסור יחזקאל קויפמן, תל אביב יפו, ישראל 
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