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Heritage Sites

Dor Le Dor - Kiryat Bialik and Fifth Aliyah

In 1924 Ephraim and Sabina Katz arrived at the desolate Zebulun Valley. On a piece of land they had purchased they built their home, the first and only one in whole of Zebulun Valley. The house and the adjacent farm were burnt down during the events of 1929, and the current stone house was built in their stead. It was around the Katz house that the people of the Fifth Aliyah (immigration wave) from Germany started to erect the “Neighbourhood of German Olim (new immigrants)”. In 1934, as the establishment of this town of gardens was about to be announce, the poet H.N. Bialik passed away and a decision was made to name the town after him – Kiryat Bialik. In the museum at the center one can find the records of the first families, photographs, objects and a lot of archive material about the Fifth Aliyah and the town.

What’s at the site: thaw Founders Room with an audio and visual presentation of the story of the town’s first settlers; an “atmosphere room” where one can get acquainted with their way of life; the “Fifth Aliyah” room with a distribution and a display of exhibits, maps, anecdotes and more; a room for viewing short films and presentations about the beginning of Kiryat Bialik, the history of the Fifth Aliyah with a focus on Kiryat Bialik.

For the general public: short or long tours concentrating on: the Fifth Aliyah and its implementation in Kiryat Bialik, Good people in the middle of the road – the town’s founders, architecture here and now – historic buildings and their erection.

For children: activities for primary school and high school pupils based on stories of settlers and subjects of the “Dor Le Dor” center: riddles, unique activities for families and more.

צור קשר עם האתר

    Dor Le Dor - Kiryat Bialik and Fifth Aliyah

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      Hebrew, English, German
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      Opening hours: Wednesdays 09:00-12:30, additional dates and times by advance booking

    Dor Le Dor - Kiryat Bialik and Fifth Aliyah

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    • רחוב זינגר 1, פינת קרן היסוד, קריית ביאליק 
    • 04-8737172 
    • עברית, אנגלית, גרמנית 

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