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Flag Route in Ness Ziona

Free Switzerland – that’s how the Moshava (small town) of Ness Ziona was called when it was founded in 1882. It was here that the leaders of the Jewish settlers met to dream and draw plans for building the land. Today as well Ness Ziona is a unique pearl, dipped in green and maintaining its family character. A Founders’ House museum operates in the town, under the guidance of the founders’ descendants, who offer a walk down the town’s “Flag Route”. The path is integrated with the story of Reuben Lehrer, who exchanged his estate in Odessa for the one “near” Jerusalem.

It is a story of hardships and poverty, famine and diseases, but also of great love to the Ness Ziona and the Land of Israel, a story of the establishment of the beekeeping industry in the town, the first of its kind in the Land of Israel, and its development, and naturally the story of how the national flag was raised for the first time, at this site.

What’s at the site: a museum of the history of “Nachalat Reuven” (“Reuven’s Estate”) and the beekeeping industry in the Land of Israel and an operative antilia well. The site where the flag was raised and a museum of “tools from old times”, a synagogue with murals, the Love Hill with its romantic stories and finally the “Founders’ House”, commemorating the town’s pioneers.

For the general public: guided tours of the “Flag Route” and an introduction to the town’s history. The tours are suitable for different ages and include various activities.

For children: active guidance including operating the antilia well at Nachalat Reuven, creating flowers and assignment sheets.

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    Flag Route in Ness Ziona

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      Friday and Saturday for pre-booked groups

    Flag Route in Ness Ziona

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