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Heritage Sites

Founders’ Museum & Founders’ Houses – Petah Tikva

On a humid morning in the year 1878, four years prior to the First Aliyah, the settlement of Petah Tikva was established by a group of Jews, among whom were Yoel Moshe Solomon, David Gutmann, Zerach Brant, Yehoshua Stampfer, Yehuda Raab and Nathan Gringart. The land they had purchased near the source of the Yarkon River was rich, yet stricken by swamps, malaria and diseases. The difficulty sown start marks the beginning of Jewish settlement in the renewed Land of Israel. 

The Founders’ Museum conveys the unique story of “Mother of the Moshavot”. It is located at the museum compound next to the first “Yad Labanim” facility in the country and the Petah Tikva Museum of Art. The appearance of the historic museum has been changed over the years, and today it also features, alongside authentic exhibits, computerized activities, films and interactive games.

What’s at the site: the museum is designed as a small and charming moshava (small town) environment. Visitors are invited to a journey in time and an experiential encounter with the fascinating story of the first Moshava. On display: tools, furniture, Judaica (including Solomon’s prayer shawl), documents, photographs, models, books, game and toys. The public are invited to observe, play and experience.

For the general public: children, youth and adults – the museum staff conduct various tours and theatrical encounters for groups of kindergarten children, pupils, adults and pensioners, by advance coordination. The visit of the museum includes viewing theatrical segments and historic figures, workshops, presentations, guidance and discussion on the preservation of historic buildings in the city.
A “Houses telling a story” tour is also available; the Avraham Shapiro House and the big synagogue, Founders’ Square, the PJCA school and the recently reconstructed printing house.

צור קשר עם האתר

    Founders’ Museum & Founders’ Houses – Petah Tikva

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      Hebrew, Additional languages by appointment
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      Opening hours: Saturday 10:00-14:00 free of charge on weekdays for pre-booked groups

    Founders’ Museum & Founders’ Houses – Petah Tikva

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