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Heritage Sites

Heftziba – Hadera

Amid a natural park abundant in trees stand the Heftziba Farm, an agricultural farm dating from the beginning of the renewed Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel. The historic pioneer farm started as a great promise on its way to being an organized settlement, separate from the city of Hadera. From 1906 to 1914 it had effervescent farm life, orchards were planted and houses for workers, a stable and a cowshed were built. With the outbreak of the First World War the farm suffered a chain of disasters which led to its final abandonment in 1929. The remains of the buildings were used in the following years by members of youth movements and Haganah and Palmach fighters for training. In 1992 the area was purchased by the Electricity Company, which, over the years, has restored the farm, reconstructed its buildings and prepared walkways for the public.

What’s at the site: the restored farm house and the adjacent pen, that house a visitor center of the Electricity Company, featuring an exhibition and a film, offering a glance at the beginning of the last century, accompanied by fascinating stories; the historic pump house with a dynamic demonstration of the pump that operated here in the past, when the waters of the Hadera stream were pumped to water the plantations; Workers’ Street – a Eucalyptus boulevard with the workers’ restored houses on both sides and the farm director’s house at one end and a beautiful view towards the “Orot (Lights) Rabin” power station; a 100 year old orchard and lovely spots along the banks of the Hadera stream.

For the general public: the site is open 7 days a week and is suitable for family tours and recreation in nature’s bosom. 
Guided tours of the Electricty Company on advance booking (Sundays-Thursdays only).

For children: the tour is suitable for children as well.

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    Heftziba – Hadera

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      Tours by advance booking
      The film is accompanied with subtitles to English, Russian, Arabic

    Heftziba – Hadera

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