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Herzl House at Hulda Forest

In Hulda the grand afforestation of the KKL (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund) was born. Thanks to what happened here, more than 920,000 dunams (920 sq. km) of forest now span across the country. This was the forest that made the green landscape so familiar and obvious to us all. Following the death of the Visionary of the State, Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl in 1904, a decision was made to plant a forest in his memory at Hulda and to build an impressive house in his memory in the middle.

What’s on the site: towards the state’s 50th jubilee a plan was consolidated for the preservation of 50 historic sites, including the Herzl House. The restoration of the house was performed by the KKL with the assistance of the John Sereny Fund of Toronto, and the exhibition displayed in it was donated by the Brian Chiziker family from the US. The project was performed in coordination and jointly with the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. It also included placing exhibits along the trail leading to the house, which describe episodes in the history of the site. In the house itself a display was installed, as well as an experiential film and next to it the monument in memory of Efraim Chizik, who fell while defending the house during the 1929 riots, was restored.

For the general public: guided tours and an introduction to the history of the site, by advance booking.

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    Herzl House at Hulda Forest

    Herzl House at Hulda Forest

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