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At the corner of Herzl and Lilenblum streets stands “HerzLilenblum”- a museum of banking and Tel Aviv nostalgia. It is located at the 100-year-old Schiff House, one of Tel Aviv’s first buildings. Over the years the building has been converted from a one-storeyed house into a three-storeyed building. During 2006 the Discount Bank started the reconstruction and building works that have brought back the building’s long gone architectural riches and glory. Today the building houses a museum which serves as Discount Bank’s visitor center.

What’s at the site: the Discount Bank visitor center and a museum of the history of Hebrew banking since the “Ahuzat Bayit” (Tel Aviv’s first neighbourhood) period to this day and banking in the future.

For the general public: unique tours, allowing the visitors to experience the scents of “Little Tel Aviv”, alongside a time journey,  in which the commercial and economic life at “Ahuzat Bayit” is spread out and a review of banking today and a virtual peek into a futuristic bank branch. Tours are by advance booking and free of charge.

For Children: guidance for schools combined with lectures and a visit to a trading room.


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