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Historical buildings – Ra’anana

In April 1922 the first settlers arrived at the Ra’anania settlement, whose name was later changed to Ra’anana. The settlement was established by the Ahuza Company from New York, and its first street, Ahuza street, is named after it. The town’s historic area, which includes its first public buildings, is located at its center, at 101-103 Ahuza street. The center for study of the history of Ra’anana, which includes the town archive and the “Hadar Rishonim” (“Pioneers’ Room) museum offer experiential tours of the historic area, among the town’s first buildings.

What’s at the site: Community House – the foundations were laid in 1925, and the building was used for all public purposes and included a secretariat, clinic, synagogue, school, kindergarten, post office, assembly hall, culture room and a place for the town’s committee meetings; the synagogue was inaugurated at the end of the 1930’s and has served the people of Ra’anana to this very day; the water pools and guarding tower; the elementary school was established in the early 1930’s and began its service as a school in 1933. Today the building is used by the “Meged” state elementary school; the clinic – a building form the mid 1930’s which initially offered free medical services and served the town for many years. It is now used by municipality offices. 

For the general public: fascinating walking tours and motorized tours through the town’s first buildings; a journey in time to the people, stories, buildings and sites in combination with a theatrical encounter with colourful figures from the past.

For children: active and dramatized guidance and assignment sheets.

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    Historical buildings – Ra’anana

    Historical buildings – Ra’anana

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