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Heritage Sites

Homa ve Migdal - Gan Hashlosha

Homa ve Migdal (Tower and Stockade) – Tel Amal – reconstructed site at Gan Hashlosha

The “Tower and Stockade” system was a unique form of settlement used for the establishment of settlement at the time of the bloody events of 1936-1939 under the rule of the British Mandate of Land of Israel. More than 50 new settlements were built using this method within one day or night, whose buildings were quickly erected using wooden parts prepared in advance. That way the settlers were able to defend themselves from the first night. The idea was developed and first implemented by the members of Tel Amal Nir David, and it was adopted by the “Haganah” organization as a strategy. To a large extent, the “Tower and Stockade” form of settlement affected the way the borders of the state to be were determined.

What’s at the site: a full size reconstruction of Tel Amal, the first of the “Tower and Stockade” settlements – the living barracks stand, launderette, dining room and kitchen stand in a courtyard surrounded by a wooden wall, with an observation tower in the middle.

For the general public: independent family activities including performing different tasks: guided tours for organised groups, lectures and a variety of activations on the subject of pioneering settlement during the days of “Homa ve Migdal”; a film about the era; optional tour and activity accompanied by actors and singing lectures; a unique pioneer dinner.

For children: a variety of age based activities and activations: activity stations and experiences in the courtyard: building a stockade, doing laundry in a tub, climbing the tower, decoding a Morse code and more

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Homa ve Migdal - Gan Hashlosha

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    10:00 - 14:00
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    10:00 - 14:00
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    Friday and additional times for pre-booked groups. The film is in Hebrew and English with subtitles to Russian, German and Spanish

Homa ve Migdal - Gan Hashlosha

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