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Homa ve Migdal – Kibbutz Hanita Musem

Hanita is an example of dedication to the goal, love of the homeland, pioneering, and practically of the entire life of the renewed Jewish settlement at a crucial historic period – the events of 1936-1939, the “Homa ve Migdal” settlement, the Hebrew guards and policemen, the Western Galilee during the War of Independence, the siege and the evacuation of the children. While driving up to Hanita one shall find a partially destroyed stone house. One room served as a living room for the guard and his family. The building has been restored and used as museum since 1960.

What’s at the site: the museum displays first sources that allow one “to touch the past with one’s hands”. The archaeological wing has fascinating findings of ancient times. On display here are remains of Byzantine basilica, rare mosaics, many and various tools including: glass, pottery and ceramic tools, an exhibition of coins from the Tyre mint and stone tools used by prehistoric men. The museum also offers the opportunity to learn about Hanita from Jewish sources from the time of the Second Temple. At the “Homa ve Migdal” section is a chronological display of the events from 1936 until the War of Independence including photos, models of the compound, weapons and work tools, newspaper articles and an archive. An 18-munute audiovisual show about the ascent to Hanita is screened. The museum depicts the events of the War of Independence in the years 1947-1948, the siege and how the struggle of the people of Hanita and the Western Galilee led to the annexation of the region to the State of Israel.

For the general public: group tours by advance booking only.

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Homa ve Migdal – Kibbutz Hanita Musem

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Homa ve Migdal – Kibbutz Hanita Musem

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