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Heritage Sites

House of the Lord – Tel Mond Documentation Center

One of the town’s first seven houses. Built in 1931 for Sir Alfred Mond – Lord Melchett, an English Jew, primary industrialist and statesman, who had joined the Zionist movement in 1921.

In 1923 he purchased lands at the plantation area of the Tel Mond bloc and established the Land of Israel Plantations Company which dealt with planting citruses.

In 1930 the following moshavim (corporate villages) where established nearby by immigrants from Eastern Europe: Kfar Hess, Herut and Ein Vered. The establishment of the Tel Mond Bloc was a result of their cooperation with Alferd Mond’s plantations company.

What’s at the site: the House of the Lord serves as a documentation center and a historic museum and archive. It holds a permanent exhibition about the Lord and settlement, a pioneers’ courtyard, an archive, a root site, a study and a screening room.

For the general public: guided tours for groups, including watching a film, a tour of the House of the Lord itself and the pioneers’ courtyard.

For children: active guidance accompanied by the film: “Man, Land and Vision”.

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    House of the Lord – Tel Mond Documentation Center

    House of the Lord – Tel Mond Documentation Center

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