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Jabotinsky Museum

Ze’ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky (1880-1940) was a pioneering Zionist leader, statesman, speaker, journalist, writer, poet and translator, who was endowed with a warm and moral personality, which managed to captivate the audiences of his time and has maintained its effect to this very day. Jabotinsky became known mostly for his political ideology which called for the establishment of a Jewish state and the creation of a Jewish majority in the Land of Israel, and the political struggle which he conducted for its realization. For that purpose he founded the Revisionist faction of Zionism and the Beitar movement. The Jabotinsky Institute in Israel has striven since 1937 to nurture and distribute Jabotinsky’s heritage.

What’s at the site: two presentations: 1.) “”Ze’ev Jabotinsky – The Circle of Life”- an audiovisual exhibition presenting his image and the essence in his political thinking, in a designed and communicative language, adapted to today’s audience. 2.) “The National Sport – the ‘Af Al Pi’ (Despite) immigration” – a presentation about revisionist clandestine immigration in the 1930’s. Within a space, which has been designed as an immigrant ship from the period, a film is shown on a wide screen, accompanied by experience enhancing effects. The film describes the story of the ship’s journey to the Land of Israel and all the hardships it endured.

For the general public: the museum shows documentary films about Jabotinsky, the Etzel, clandestine immigration and more. It holds seminars and tours for groups of pupils, teachers, security forces, pensioners, families and tourists. Single visitors are invited to watch the exhibitions and displays.

For children: the visit to the museum is suitable for children from the age of 12; activation and quiz for children are available by advance coordination.

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    Jabotinsky Museum

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    Jabotinsky Museum

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