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Joe Alon Center

A center for studies of Israel’s geography and the southern Shfela (plain) and northern Negev regions – a unique combination of a visitor center and a museum. The center, located at the Lahav Forest, near kibbutz Lahav, was established in 1980 by the by the Joe Alon Commemoration Society with assistance of the JNF, governmental bodies and private donors. The Joe Alon Center is located in the northern Negev, at the highest point of the southern Shfela, about 500 metres above sea level and in the middle of an area full of archaeological remnants, nature and landscape, Bedouin encampment and modern forms of settlements.  This region, which was considered a frontier until the Six Day War, is unique as it forms a sort of a border between the sown land and the desert, the mountains and the coastal plain, the desert and the Mediterranean flora and between the Bedouin encampments to the Fellah villages of southern Mount Hebron. 
What’s at the site: a one-of-a-kind museum for preservation and study of Bedouin heritage, a traditional Bedouin tent, a vantage point with explanations about the Shfela region and the borderline, a wing dedicated to the history of Bar Kochba, reconstructed Bar Kochba caves, a presentation on the settlement in the area and a gallery with altering exhibitions, a café and a souvenir shop.

For the general public: tracking tours guided by a professional tracker, tours of the Israel National Trail, the “Desert wind” track – a tour of Tel Halif and the Rimon Ruins, a visit to unique enterprises in the Negev, tours in the trail of the First World War and a variety of other touring options.

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    Joe Alon Center

    Joe Alon Center

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