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Joseph Bau Museum

Joseph Bau was a multidisciplinary artist who worked and created at a small studio near Habima theatre, starting from 1960. Bau, a survivor of the Plaszow concentration camp, came to Israel with a dream to create animations at the holy Land. He opened a graphics studio in which he designed movie posters, colour advertisements and unique symbols. He also built a small cinema and filming equipment by himself, which he used to make cartoons. He simultaneously conducted a secret life as the main graphic artist for the “Mossad” and among other things forged documents and certificates for agents. Today the small studio is maintained by Bau’s daughters and serves as a museum displaying the full range of his works, including cinema, animation, painting, graphics, prose and study of the Hebrew language, all spiced with humour according to Bau’s optimistic world view.

What’s at the site: a permanent exhibition of movie titles, graphical works since the establishment of the State, a display of animation tools and a small cinema in which the animation films are shown. The museum also displays altering exhibitions if Bau’s works.

For the general public: guided tours of the museum; the lecture “Rebecca and Joseph Bau – the Miracle”- the remarkable life story of Rebecca and Joseph Bau, which is integrated with a story about heroism and rescue at impossible conditions during the Holocaust and in Israel (the story of the couple’s wedding was documented in the film “Schindler’s List”). “Brit Milah” – a show based on Joseph Bau’s book about the humour and logic of the Hebrew language. Art workshops for groups.

For children: active guidance combining a drawing workshop on the following subjects: the Hebrew language, animation, Holocaust and resurrection.

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    Joseph Bau Museum

    Joseph Bau Museum

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