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Kinneret Museum

The name Kinneret refers to both the moshava (rural village) and the farm, which were founded in the summer 1908, sharing health, educational, security and cultural services, and a common rhythm of life.

The museum and archive of the village are located in a building that served as the clinic and the medic’s residence. It was here that the residents of the village and the farm, as well as the other early settlements of the Jordan Valley, received medical care.

Opened in 1988 by the Kinneret Local Council, the museum depicts the history of the first Jewish settlements in the region, and particularly, Moshava Kinneret.

In the museum courtyard, visitors may view farming implements from the early 20th century. The exhibits in the rooms reflect the different aspects of the lives of the pioneers, including work, health, education, security and public events. An area is devoted to artists from Kinneret, including the life of the poet, Rachel. 

Russian-speaking guides are available. 

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    Kinneret Museum

    Kinneret Museum

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