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"Mekorot" – Eshkol Visitors Center

Next to Hamovil Junction lies one of the most important sites on the route of HaMovil HaArtzii (The National Water Carrier of Israel) – the Eshkol site. HaMovil HaArtzi – Israel’s main water artery, has accompanied the settlement project and makes the fulfilment of the Zionist vision possible. The Eshkol site, located at the Beit Netofa Valley, contains two giant water reservoirs, which absorb water from the Sea of Galilee and a central water filtering plant. Here the water undergoes various procedures and flow into the national carrier pipe, which transfers the water to all parts of the country. The “Mekorot” company has chosen to build its main visitor center here and tell of the water economy and its management by the well-established company, which has accompanied the Zionist project since 1937 up to this very day. The company was initially founded to provide for the settlements of the Jezreel Valley, that were experiencing a crisis due to water distress. In 1938 it established its first water plant in the Valley’s fields and supplied water from the drillings at Kfar Hasidim, Yagur and Usha to the distant Valley settlements, as far as Sarid and Ganigar. Ever since “Mekorot” has continued to develop its water economy and net the country with a network of pipes and waterlines.

What’s at the site: a visitor center dealing with water economy, its problems and the solutions for the water crisis. Among the themes: water resources in the country, ways of handling and improving the water quality and carrying it to every part of Israel, a water light and sound display, short illustration films, models, a trivia game over a huge map of the Land of Israel, a panoramic view over the valley and experiential film at the auditorium.

For the general public: the visits must be pre-arranged and are free of charge! The visit is accompanied by guidance and is designated for groups only. On holidays, special events for families or single visitors on advance booking. The duration of the guided tour is approx. 1.5 hours.

For children: the activity during the school year is designated for 5th graders or older. On holidays for families with children over the age of 7: a trivia game with on a touchscreen, in which the children cope with water supply problems across the country.

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    Mekorot – Eshkol Visitors Center

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      From Hamovil Junction to Kfar Manda Hanaton, across kibbutz Hanaton – a turn to the reservoirs and Eshkol site

    "Mekorot" – Eshkol Visitors Center

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