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Mitzpe Revivim

Yosef Weitz Revivim Observation Post (Mitzpe Revivim)

Mitzpe Revivim was founded in 1943 as part of a plan to establish 12 research stations in the Negev to examine settlement prospects in this uninhabited region. The founding group was formed for that purpose in 1938 and settled at a temporary kibbutz near Rishon Lezion. In the summer of 1943 they moved to settle in the Negev. They faced many difficulties in the first years. The handful of settlers struggled against the heavy heat, aridity, lack of water and means of subsistence and it was only faith in their way that helped them overcome the obstacles and finally led to the inclusion of the Negev in the territory of the State of Israel.

What’s at the site: a water accumulation pit, which was dug 2000 years ago and was used as a residence by the first settlers, until the construction castle at Mitzpe Revivim; the castle, whose rooms reenact the life at the small kibbutz in its early days; the aircraft compound and the small cave, which tell the story of the settlement in the War of Independence; the observation tower, offering an overview of the vast areas of kibbutz Revivim, its fields and the large olive vineyard; the dam room, telling the story of water and many attempts to accumulate the water of the floods to irrigate the plantations with fresh water; a film at the auditorium about the story of the place since the early days of settlements to the present. 

For the general public: guidance tours and an introduction to fascinating history of Revivim. Teatroneto – a show by a single pioneer actor reenacting life at the settlement through improvisation with the audience; a guided tour of the Golda Archive, bringing the story of Golda Meir as a leader and her ties with kibbutz Revivim as well as a tour of the kibbutz itself.

For children: age tailored guided tours; experiential activities at the costume room, in which children dress up as pioneers and search for the lost slick (hiding place for weapons), run through the communication tunnels and stroll through the rooms of the castle.

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    Mitzpe Revivim

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      Opening hours: for pre-booked groups only. Saturday and holidays for families and groups by advance booking

    Mitzpe Revivim

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