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Mitzpe (top hill post) Gvulot

Mitzpe Gvulot was the pioneer settlement in the Negev, established in May 1943 as one of three experimental research stations in the Negev. The mud bricks forming the inner and outer walls of Mitzpe Gvulot embody the fascinating story of the first settlement in the renewed Negev. In 1949 kibbutz Gvulot moved around 1 km north of its present location, and the buildings of the post were abandoned until their reconstruction in 1996 as part of an initiative by the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, the JNF and the Eshkol Regional Council. A visitor center was set up and the site as declared a national heritage site.

What’s at the site: a unique site offering various activities including the reconstruction of the historic site and the story of laying the water pipe to the Negev in the War of Independence, bakery from the War of Independence days, a diamond polishing plant, ancient farming tools and more.

For the general public: guided tours combined with storytelling or an improvisation theatre; team building and field experience days; the secrets of the Bsor Stream, assignment games with huge amusement rides, touring days, flower tours, experiential farming tours, a singing tour, evening events combining a night tour in the moonlight, workshops and focaccia and pizza dinners from the brick oven.

For children: guided activities including the stories of the site, a pioneer story with costumes, building with mud bricks, baking rolls, plowing with old plows and an experiential farm tour in the Negev fields.

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    Mitzpe (top hill post) Gvulot

    Mitzpe (top hill post) Gvulot

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