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Heritage Sites

Museum of Water and Security – Kibbutz Nir Am

The site of the Water and Security Museum is the gateway to the Negev, both geographically and ideologically. The visit of the museum provides visitors with a unique perspective for understanding the issues of settlement, water, agriculture and Israel’s wars since the 1930’s to the War of Independence. The site was a decisive point in reinforcing settlement at the Negev through water pumping and laying a water pipe for the Jewish settlements in the Negev, which enabled the establishment of additional settlements and caused the UN committee to include the Negev within the territory allotted to the Jewish state at the partition plan.

What’s at the site: the site contains a variety of activity and guidance focuses, complementing each other: the museum building, the pump house, an authentic hospitality tent, a natural grove, shaded seating corner, magnificent views, information desks and toilets. The site is suitable and accessible for disabled visitors.

For the general public: the fascinating tours deals with the settlement process in the Negev from the early 1930’s to this day. Additional enrichment tours are available, which deal with water’s key role in settlement, Bedouins, agriculture, night tours and current affairs. Each activity is tailored to the group’s needs and is developed by professional guides who accompany the group.

For children: experiential activities especially tailored for children, by advance coordination.

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    Museum of Water and Security – Kibbutz Nir Am

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    Museum of Water and Security – Kibbutz Nir Am

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