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Naharayim at Gesher

It was between the Yarmouk and Jordan rivers that Pinchas Rotenberg established the “start-up” of the beginning of the previous century – a hydroelectric plant which operated from 1932 until 1948. The power plant made use of the streams of both rivers, Yarmouk and Jordan, and was therefore named Naharayim (“Two Rivers”). The Naharayim Experience represents a symbol of the fulfillment of the vision of Jewish settlement and the development of Hebrew industry in the Land of Israel. It is also the story of the man and entrepreneur, Pinchas Rotenberg, who turned a dream into reality out of nothing.

What’s at the site: the Naharayim Experience – an extraordinary audiovisual display combining dams, sounds and colour to illustrate the operation of the power plant. Old Gesher – the story of the pioneers who settled at the site, held to the ground and realized their dream. A moving audiovisual display at the only stone structure that remained from the settlement and a visit the original warrior bunker. Agadat Lechem (“Bread Legend”) – a small local bakery with an over 80 year old fireclay brick oven which operates on a large burner and the heat of special bricks. Here the scents of village breads rise along with farm products from the region. Special baking workshops and dairy meals, on advance booking. Gaon Hayarden Promenade – an approach trail to the bank of the natural Jordan River, the three bridges leaning over it and a Mamluk khan from the 14th century. 

For the general public: guided tours, a visit to the visitor centers and viewing the exhibits. It is recommended to call and coordinate the visit in advance.

For children: the visit is suitable for families and children. Special activities and workshops for children on Chol HaMoed (the intermediate days of Passover and Sukkot) or by advance booking.

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    Naharayim at Gesher

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    Naharayim at Gesher

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