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Otzarot (Treasure) Museum - Kibbutz Givat Brenner

South of the city of Rehovot is kibbutz Givat Brenner, named after the writer Joseph Haim Brenner. Since it early days the kibbutz has aimed to become a large kibbutz and during its first 25 years it absorbed hundreds of immigrants, mostly from Europe. At the same time the kibbutz also expanded, both in terms of territory of its processed lands and the variety of its agricultural and industrial fields of operation. The kibbutz was privatized in 2002 but has still maintained the values of mutual guarantee in social life, health, culture and education.

What’s at the site: the museum display spans over around 300 sq. metres and reflects the daily life of the first settlers of the kibbutz during the first years. The display is vast and varied: objects, original tools, furniture, machinery, work tolls and photos of the past, all together providing a tangible and impressive illustration of the beginning of the kibbutz and the story of its founders.

For the general public: guided tours and an introduction to the history of kibbutz Givat Brenner in particular and the kibbutz as a form of settlement in general. By advance coordination – the tour may be accompanied by “The story of a woman pioneer”, performed by an actress; a visit to many charming corners and public sites around the kibbutz; a delicious lunch at the kibbutz’s dining room is available at extra cost.

For children: tailored museum guidance accompanied by assignment sheets and various tasks for an 

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    Otzarot (Treasure) Museum - Kibbutz Givat Brenner

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    Otzarot (Treasure) Museum - Kibbutz Givat Brenner

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