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Heritage Sites

Ramat Yohanan Heritage Trail

A guided tour among several sites from the beginning of settlement at kibbutz Ramat Yochanan, telling the story of the place and the country.

What’s at the site: a monument in memory of the fallen in the battle over the settlements of the bloc in the War of Independence with a marvellous overview on the Bay of Haifa and the Zebulun Valley followed by a short walking tour through a rural area with plantations and pasture fields into the heritage sites at the kibbutz: a marked defence post from the War of Independence, and the story of the endurance of the kibbutz and the nearby settlements in the battle; the water tower – a mini museum containing objects and historic photos from the early days of the kibbutz, including activations for children: an authentic Haganah slick (hiding place for weapons) with a display, short film and activations for children; the festival institute founded by Matityahu Shelem, a thinker and creature of the kibbutz festival; a monumental mural of artist Elazar Halbani, portraying figures involved in land work in ancient days.

For the general public: guided tours of the Ramat Yohanan Heritage Trail.

For children: special activations for children at the heritage sites of Ramat Yohanan.

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    Ramat Yohanan Heritage Trail

    Ramat Yohanan Heritage Trail

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