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The Haganah Museum

The Haganah Museum is located in the house of Eliyahu Golomb, founder of the Haganah and its uncrowned military commander. The house, built in 1923, was the Haganah’s secret headquarters. Once the State was established, the Haganah members decided to convert Golomb’s house into a museum, which would showcase the organization’s story. The museum includes the original facade and two rooms that have been preserved as they were when they were used for meetings by the Haganah high command and leaders of the Yishuv (Jewish population), and critical decisions for the Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel were made there. The museum also includes three floors of innovative display with films and exhibits that illustrate the story of the Jewish settlement under the British Mandate and how the existence of this settlement was defended. 

At the site: The museum presents the story of the defense force of the Jewish settlement – from the establishment of the Bar Giora and Hashomer organizations at the time of the Second Aliyah, to the establishment of the Haganah in 1920, the riots of 1920-1 and 1929, the Homa ve Migdal (Wall and Stockade) period and the events of the Arab revolt in 1936-1939; volunteering to the British Army, the Jewish guards and the establishment of the Palmach during the Second World War; weapons acquisition and production projects, clandestine immigration and the battle against the mandatory government until the United Nations declaration on the division of land on November 29, 1947 and the outbreak of the War of Independence. The museum visit ends with an audiovisual display presenting 1948 and the establishment of the IDF on 
June 1, 1948.

For the public: Instruction for groups, enrichment activities and guided tours of the museum should be booked in advance.
For children: Instruction appropriate for children, activities and worksheets. The museum belongs to Museums Unit of the Ministry of Defence

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    The Haganah Museum

    The Haganah Museum

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