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The Open Museum – Kibbutz Negba

Negba was founded in July 1939 in the middle of an area surrounded by hostile Arab villages as an appropriate Zionist response to the British Land Law. The land had been purchased at the beginning of the 1930’s by two land traders from Gedera, Yoav and Asael Zuckerman. In 1939 a 3,000-dunam plot was sold to “Keren Hayesod” (“United Israel Appeal”), which enabled the establishment of the outpost at the Negev. There were many obstacles: land of low quality and water with a high content of chlorine, but the settlement overcame the difficulties and was established on the night following Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) of 1946. Negba became a departure base for the establishment of further 11 outposts in the Negev. With its steadfastness Negba blocked the Egyptian army and prevented it from occupying Gedera and Rehovot.

What’s at the site: a reconstruction of the “Homa ve Migdal” (“Tower and Stockade”) structure, historic films at the dining room barracks, the Egyptian tank, the monument at the military cemetery, the “Tom and Tomer Hill” in memory of the 73 victims of the Helicopter Disaster.

For the general public: guided tours of the kibbutz and the area, including: Ibdis, Yoav Fortress, Hill 113, the Fallujah Pocket, Qartiyah, Hill 69, Fariger Bridge and more.

For children: the night lit sites of Negba, activities for children form the age of 5, including a visit of the visitor center and a tour while climbing the Egyptian tank and a tractor.

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    The Open Museum – Kibbutz Negba

    The Open Museum – Kibbutz Negba

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