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Heritage Sites

The Palmach Cave at Mishmar Ha’emek

At the edge of kibbutz Mishmar Ha’emek, in the middle of the kibbutz’s forest, a large cave lies hidden. It is a site that was chosen as most suitable for training of the Palmach’s two secret units: the Arab and the German departments. The “ethical code” of the IDF was born here and values of friendship: dedication to the goal, not abandoning the injured and the commanders “follow me”. The secret Palmach Cave tells the story of the “handsome with the forelock” and maintains the “fire” of combat heritage and values.

What’s at the site:a short film about the era, a display of weapons and equipment which were secretly used by the warriors and fascinating stories. A tour of the cave which also includes an observation from the top of the “volcano”, overlooking the views of the Jezreel Valley and the green Menashe Forest; a new challenging rope park


For the general public:a guided tour of the site telling the story of the Palmach in combination with contents of the Palmach values and the “ethical code”, singing nights around a camp fire, extreme activities and rope park challenge with a climbing wall and team building workshops – ODT. Gourmet dinners with coffee and tea around a camp fire can also be combined. Those interested may book a tour of the Palmach Cave and a short walking tour in the trails of the Menashe Forest, the Mishmar Ha’emek forest and an observation from the volcano top on the views of the Jezreel Valley, Galilee and Carmel.

For children: unique activities combining moral contents, tours, park activity and more.



צור קשר עם האתר

    The Palmach Cave at Mishmar Ha’emek

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      Hebrew, English
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      Opening hours: by advance booking

    The Palmach Cave at Mishmar Ha’emek

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    • Instruction languages:
    • קיבוץ משמר העמק, ישראל 
    • 04-9898946 
    • עברית, אנגלית 

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