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Heritage Sites

The Palmach House Museum

The Palmach House is an entire complex containing permanent museum exhibitions, collection rooms and altering exhibitions.

What’s at the site: the house holds two permanent exhibitions, presenting the visitor a heroic human story through the most modern museum means: “The Journey of the Palmach” – a description of the story of these units through the eyes of ten friends and their adventures; the battles of the Palmach, the settlements established by it, its spirit and heritage, which are illustrated to visitors through a variety of effects in a multi-sensual display. The duration of the display – 1.5 hours.

“Gachal (overseas recruits) Memorial”- bringing the Israeli visitor a story which has evaded form public awareness: the part played by Holocaust survivors in the War of Independence. Their choice to live on, the war effort and the sensitive encounter with the country and its people – in a rich and impressive one hour display.

The house has two collection rooms, presenting wide, original and moving information:
“The Palmach photo gallery” – 120 albums with photos taken and edited by members of the Palmach in the 1940’s. “Room of the Fallen Soldiers” – allowing a glance to the world of the fallen among the Palmach through their estates, letters and life stories. Altering exhibitions are displayed at the Palmach House as well, and many events take place at the “Convoy Escorts Hall” – information can be found on the website.

For children: wider educational activities are available, especially for intermediate and high schools, and soldiers.

The museum belongs to Museums Unit of the Ministry of Defence.

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    The Palmach House Museum

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