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Heritage Sites

The Pierre Gildesgame Maccabi Sports Museum

At Kfar Maccabiah lies a lovely corner called “The Pierre Gildesgame Maccabi Sports Museum”. The museum and archive, established in 1982, displays exhibits concerning Judaism, Zionism and Sports. 

The three-storeyed museum illustrates the story of Jewish sportsmanship since the end of the 19th century through films, symbols, flags, medals and trophies.

What’s at the site: the ground floor displays the First Maccabbiah Parade, the founders of the movement and the first clubs. On the first floor one can see Hakoach Vienna (the world’s largest club at its time) and exhibits from Latin America, Europe and the Maccabi notables.

The second floor has a multimedia display of the Maccabi games, an exhibit of the Maccabi games, a memorial corner for victims of Jewish sportsmanship and Maccabi Israel.

The Joseph Yekutieli archive holds archival material since the late 19th century, which is electronically organised and sorted according to accepted standards, and is open for use by pupils, students and researchers.

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    The Pierre Gildesgame Maccabi Sports Museum

    The Pierre Gildesgame Maccabi Sports Museum

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    • כפר המכביה, פרץ ברנשטיין 7, רמת גן, ישראל 
    • 03-6715727 
    • עברית, אנגלית, רוסית, ספרדית 

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