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Heritage Sites

Tower of David

The Tower of David Museum is located at the old Citadel near the Jaffa Gate. The museum presents Jerusalem’s story and the major events of its history since the second millennium BC, with an emphasis on its significance to the three monotheistic religions. The Citadel itself is a fascinating archaeological site containing evidence and representation of the city at all periods. Since it was opened 20 years ago the Tower of David Museum has been considered one of the world’s leading historic museums. What’s at the site: the permanent exhibition of the history of Jerusalem, The Night Spectacular – a magnificent tri-dimensional show on the Citadel’s walls, altering exhibitions, corporate events, concerts and meetings, an active and diverse education and guidance department and a new tour of the Citadel’s moat.

For the general public: tours of the permanent exhibition for single visitors, guided tours for groups, tours of the museum and the Old City, all-family activities, happenings and content related meetings.

For children: on holidays and vacations the museum holds activities for the all the family which include tours, workshops, assignments and an active visit of the Citadel.

During the school year there are programs on Jerusalem and the Citadel for the entire education system.

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    Tower of David

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