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Watchman's House (Beit Hashomer) Museum in Kfar Giladi

This magnificent stone house will introduce you to the rich and exciting world of members of the Hashomer defense organization. Considered trailblazers in the Second Aliyah period, they not only guarded the Yishuv (the Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel) but were also involved in in agricultural work and settlement projects.

In order to commemorate those glorious days and Hashomer’s legacy, the organization’s veterans established the Watchman’s House Museum in Kfar Giladi. On display here is a profusion of authentic artefacts, ranging from articles of clothing, through agricultural tools, to weapons.

The museum also includes bronze sculptures by Batya Lishansky, a sculptress of the Second Aliyah period and winner of the Israel Prize for Art, and photos taken by photographers of the period, Leo Kahan and Avraham Soskin.The tour concludes with a film featuring descendants of Hashomer members, who describe the organization’s activity.

You can book tours of an original arms cache, the Old Courtyard Museum, the Founders Cemetery and the Roaring Lion site.

*The museum belongs to the Ministry of Defense Museums Unit.

Don’t miss: Short films that describe the experience of a Hashomer member through letters to his family.

Especially for children: Activity sheets and period clothing for dress-up.

Did you know? The organization received widespread recognition in Israel. Among other places, the Tel Hashomer complex in the Ono Valley is named after it. In 2007, a stamp was issued to mark the 100th anniversary of Hashomer.


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    Watchman's House at Kfar Giladi

    Watchman's House (Beit Hashomer) Museum in Kfar Giladi

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