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Yagur path – the Big Slick

The central slick (hiding place for weapons) of the Jewish population of Land of Israel was built around 75 years ago at kibbutz Yagur. Weapons and ammunition had been sent from Europe and secretly brought to the underground slick. The weapons were unloaded at night taken down to the slick through a secret hidden opening, equipped with a sophisticated mechanism.

On the 29th of June 1946, known as the “Black Sabbath”, thousands of British soldiers and policemen bursted into Yagur searching for illegal weapons, Palmach activists and illegal immigrants. For a week the British turned over every stone in the besieged kibbutz, until their suspicion was aroused by the slick’s ventilation pipes. After deep digging and breaking through the wall the British reached the central slick and discovered the many weapons hidden in it.

What’s at the site: the Yagur path, the central slick of the Haganah in the north of the country, a film about the “Black Sabbath”, a display of Haganah weapons from the time of the War of Independence.

For the general public: the Yagur heritage stories combined with a guided tour of the “Yagur Path” – the Turkish railway – “The Valley Train”, the British police station at Yagur, the central slick of the Haganah, drying of the valley swamps, the murder of three of the kibbutz members by an Izz ad-Din al-Qassam gang, the British siege on the “Black Sabbath”, the operation for the prisoners of Atlit and their transfer to Yagur and more.

For children: the visit and tours are suited for all ages, from 10 to 80

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    Yagur path – the Big Slick

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    Yagur path – the Big Slick

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    • קיבוץ יגור, ישראל 
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