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Bank of Israel - Visitors Center

The Visitors Center of the Bank of Israel presents the public with the main roles of the central bank and its contribution to the state’s economy, as well as the history of the local currency and the way the heritage of the people and the state is reflected in the design of notes and coins.

What’s at the site: the center features a museum exhibition on the history of coins and notes. It displays objects related to the period prior to the invention of coins, the world’s earliest coins, coins in the Land of Israel in all periods, money substitutes and all our notes and coins since the Mandate to this day. It also features a display of money issuing procedures, security measures against forgeries and the new “coins of Jerusalem” exhibition. The visit at the center includes two films, one illustrating the history and development of coins and the other the illnesses of inflation and the bank’s central role in maintaining stable prices and the means used for that purpose. In addition there are computer games which illustrate the bank’s role in maintaining price stability, bank supervision (maintaining the stability of banks), currency issuing (recognition of forged notes) and foreign currency.

For the general public: pre-coordinated group tours. Guidance may be booked by phone or through the Bank of Israel website. The tour is approx. 1.5 hours long. Single visitors can receive guidance through a recorded personal guide. Lectures can be coordinated on all subjects related to economy and the monetary system history. The visit is free of charge.

For children: from the age of 8. Games suitable for intermediate and high school pupils.

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    Bank of Israel - Visitors Center

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      08:00 - 16:00
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      Hebrew, English, Arabic
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      Additional languages by advance booking

    Bank of Israel - Visitors Center

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