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"Beit Hameiri" Museum in Safed

At the edge of the Old Jewish Quarter of Safed stands a historic three-storeyed stone house with strange mazes and passages, which hides the life story of the Jews of Safed in the past two centuries. The world of the Jewish community with all its groups and factions is conveyed through the fascinating story of Safed’s elderly, clothing objects, pieces of furniture, housewares, work tools and holy artefacts, all made by one man of Safed – Yehezkel Hameiri (1934-1989), who established a unique museum in his beloved city, dedicated to Safed and its people.

What’s at the site: the museum has nine exhibition spaces. The building is one of a handful of remnants from the ancient kernel of Safed. Its storeys and levels were built in different periods and for different purposes. On the lower level residential buildings from the 16th century have survived, as well as a Jewish ritual bath (Mikveh), from between whose walls a large fig tree has broken through and grown. The house has two large halls, which used the Sephardic Rabbinical court in the mid-19th century. Above the halls lies the Boys School, built at the end of that century. Among the courtyards, nooks and crannies are quarried water wells and ancient grapevines.

For the general public: various and tailored programmes at flexible times, by advance booking. The peak of the visit is a meeting with “Safed’s Elderly”, portrayed by actor guides. Tours of the ancient quarter may be booked; as well as family events and more. A brief guidance is provided to sole visitors for a self-tour of the museum.

For children: an activity brochure for young researchers is on sale; which will accompany the kids through the museum’s halls.

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    "Beit Hameiri" Museum in Safed

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