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Heritage Sites

Museum and Archives of the History of Holon

During the early 1930’s five new neighborhoods were established in an area south of Jaffa. United in 1940 into a local council, that grew and prospered and in 1950, was given the status of a city of Holon.  

Established in 1986, the Museum set in the house of Avraham Herzfeld, one of the heads of the settlement movement of Israel and member of Knesset, who ordered his house to the municipality, for it to become a cultural and educational institute of the city.

What’s at the Museum: A display of the history of Holon, archaeological findings, neighborhoods and population, immigrants, industrial development, the activities of the underground organization the “Haganah” during the War of Independence, Samaritans and short audio-visual presentation.
The Museum offers activities and tours throughout the city including historical sites, story gardens and sand dunes.

For the general public: guided tour of the museum, in addition tours throughout the city, historical sites story gardens, etc.

For children: activities in kindergartens and schools, interactive tours of neighborhoods and historical sites.
Opening hours

Self-guided visit –  Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu 8:30-13:00; Tue 16:00 – 19:00
Guided tours – by registration only
Historical archives available for research by appointment only

26 Leon Blum St. Holon, 03-5050425,

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    Museum and Archives of the History of Holon

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      Opening hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 08:00-13:00, Tuesday 16:00-19:00

    Museum and Archives of the History of Holon

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