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Old Nitzanim – Women of Valor Center

Long hours of hell fire, thousands of enemy soldiers with aircraft and armoured tanks against a handful of defenders, kibbutz Nitzanim members and Givati troops, equipped only with light weapons. Among the defenders there are also ten women, and the dilemma is difficult – should they stay and fight for their homes or be evacuated to safety with the children? As time goes on enemy fire increases and ammunition is running out, reinforcement is delayed and there are many casualties. The dilemma facing the force’s commander has reached its climax – is the battle lost or should one fight to the last bullet? Should one surrender?
This is the story of the hard Battle of Nitzanim during the War of Independence of the State of Israel, which can be experience at Old Nitzanim.

What’s at the site: at the top of a gravel hill stands the “Palace” of Nitzanim, a preserved historic building which was used by an Arab dignitary as an orchard house. In 1943 kibbutz Nitzanim was founded at the site. Today it houses a field school focusing on educational activities relating to the environment, ecology and the area’s 1948 heritage. The Palace is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees, posts from the War of Independence, memorial monument and the Women of Valor Center. In addition there is a fascinating and touching audiovisual display.

For the general public: a variety of guidance and tours groups and schools by advance coordination. 1948 tours, scenic and natural sites at the sand reserve, an audiovisual display.

For children: tours, various activities suitable for children and youth.

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    Old Nitzanim – Women of Valor Center

    Old Nitzanim – Women of Valor Center

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