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Heritage Sites

Sa’ad – Stronghold at Gaza

The museum has been established as a memorial site for the early settlement of the Negev of the first three religious Kvutzot (collective farms) during the War of Independence: Kfar Darom, Be’erot Yitzhak and Sa’ad. Following the war Kfar Darom became Bnei Darom, Be’erot Yitzhak was relocated to a new site near Petah Tikva while Sa’ad moved 1 km east of its original location.

What’s at the site: on the ground floor: a museum dedicated to the defence of Sa’ad at the War of Independence, the water issue which was so critical in this arid region and various photos describing Sa’ad’s development since the War of Independence to the present.

On the second floor: a hall containing a presentation of the heroic story of the three settlements in the War of Independence and the Sinai War, the story of supplying water to the Negev and the routine security issues resulting from the kibbutz’s location on the border of the Gaza Strip, the development of the area following operation “Oferet Yetzuka” (Cast Lead). 

On the third floor: a beautiful observation post over the “Otef Aza” (“surrounding Gaza”) region and the entire area between Ashkelon and Netivot, which clearly describes the combination of security problems and agricultural development.

For children: for intermediate and high school – games and quizzes concerning the beginning of settlement, especially suited for high school pupils who take the “Eretz Israel” course, focusing on pioneer settlement in the Negev and different forms of settlement (kibbutz, moshav, town). Single visitors may also visit the petting farm at Sa’ad. Groups may also combine experiential activities on the relations between man and the environment. An additional guided tour of the artistic synagogue at Sa’ad is also available. The kibbutz’s catering provides dining facilities for groups.

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    Sa’ad – Stronghold at Gaza

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      Hebrew, English, French, Spanish
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      Opening hours: by advance booking

    Sa’ad – Stronghold at Gaza

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    • "מעוז מול עזה", אזור אשקלון, ישראל 
    • 08-6800403 
    • עברית, אנגלית, צרפתית, ספרדית 

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