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Heritage Sites

The Minkoff Citrus Orchard Museum - Rehovot

At the outskirts of Rehovot, the Weizmann Institute of Science, among citrus trees, stands the Minkoff Citrus Orchard Museum which was once Rehovot’s first orchard and one of the most important and interesting sites in the history of settlement in the Land of Israel. The site revives the beginning of citrus growing in the Land of Israel. In 1904 Zalman Minkoff, man of the First Aliyah, planted the first orchard in Rehovot. The site tells the story of the Minkoff family, one of Rehovot’s first, who had their try at growing citruses, the story of citrus growing in Rehovot and the story of the entire citrus growing project in the whole Land of Israel.

What’s at the site: the packing house featuring a display that reconstructs the packing process in the early days of citrus growing, the 25-metre deep water well that was used to water the orchard, the watering tunnels, a tour through the different tree types, orange-picking (in season) and preparation of fresh and healthy juice.

For the general public: guided tours of the reconstructed packing house, pumping water from a deep well, a visit to the accumulation pool and an audiovisual display telling the story of the citrus growing business in the Land of Israel from the beginning of the 20th century to our days.

For children: experiential guidance including orange-picking and squeezing (in season), by advance booking.

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    The Minkoff Citrus Orchard Museum - Rehovot

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      Friday and Saturday only for pre-booked groups

    The Minkoff Citrus Orchard Museum - Rehovot

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