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The Slick in Nahalal

In moshav Nahalal, at the private farm of the Avidov family, a slick (hiding place for weapons) from the days of the British Mandate can be found, which was disguised as a pit for containing urine of cows from the nearby cowshed. The slick was used to hide weapons of the Haganah from the British, and following the outbreak of the War of Independence the weapons were handed over to the warriors who were fighting to defend the newly born country. It was one the main and largest slicks used by people of the Yishuv (Jewish population of the Land of Israel prior to the establishment of the State of Israel) before the establishment of the State of Israel. The visit is a fascinating and unique experience of a different, secret and exciting era.

What’s at the site: a visit to the depths of the slick, 5×5 metres in size, about 5 metres below the ground; a unique family museum depicting the story of the family, which is interwoven into the history of settlement and the security of the State of Israel.

For the general public: guided tours by Ofer Avidov, a member of the family at whose farm the slick was built, a certified tour guide and third generation to the settlers of Nahalal. The tours of the slick site, around Nahalal and the Jezreel Valley are combined with stories of the valley.

For children: stories of the valley, activity sheets and stepping down into the slick.

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    The Slick in Nahalal

    The Slick in Nahalal

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